How It Works For You

Premium Audience

Grocery buyers are one of the most valuable and tough-to-reach demographics. Young adults are another demographic challenge. Working with Boom, you get apps aimed directly at your target audience.

Network Scale

With out catalog of thousands of apps, and many more integrating our SDK, you can reach tough demographics at a massive scale - in over 20 countries!

Audience   Targeting

Complete first-party data and behavioral targeting starts with our app download process. The Boom SDK has a geo-location feature built in, making location-based marketing a reality.

Measure Business Outcomes

Why just measure advertising outputs? Boom gives you access to our complete measurement suite. You get our BrandLift tool, the Content Chart and Influencer Rank information, all at your fingertips.

Products We Provide
  • Mobile Pre-roll

    Mobile Video

    Mobile Preroll

    <p>Our PreRolls punch up mobile advertising, appearing before much-loved content across our O&amp;O apps. Get the most out of every Pre-Roll campaign by pairing it with relevant videos that generate tons of views.</p> <p>Features:</p> <p>VAST 3.0</p> <p>FullScreen</p> <p>100% Viewable</p> <p>User Initiated</p> <p>Brand Lift study with every campaign</p>

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  • Native Advetising

    NATIVE In-feed Advertising

    <p>Moving native advertising in-feed, advertisers can merge seamlessly with our app content. Users already love our content, so by matching the form and function of our existing service, advertisers generate content that users talk about, share with friends, like, watch or explore. With native in-feed advertising, you can promote any content, from existing marketing collateral to blog posts, social media, video and more.</p> <p>Features:</p> <p>100% viewable</p> <p>Non-interruptive</p> <p>Easy distribution of any content</p> <p>Detailed analytics</p>

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  • Interactive Video


    MRAID Video

    <p>Our Interactive Pre-Roll takes video advertising to the next level with an extra dimension of engagement. Your target audience doesn't just watch an ad; they interact with it via buttons, links, forms and more.</p> <p>Features:</p> <p>MRAID compatible</p> <p>Spend more time with your consumers</p> <p>Allow them to interact with you directly from the ad</p> <p>BrandLift Study </p>

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  • App Install

    App Install

    Mobile Marketing

    <p>Brands understand not only the power of mobile but also the power of having a reminder of their brand — in the form of an icon — on a person’s smartphone. At Boom, we routinely promote all our apps and build bigger audiences, quickly. Let us do it for your branded app too.</p> <p>Features:</p> <p>Target the users you want from our 1st party data</p> <p>Use our Similar Apps feature in our apps to drive acquisitions</p> <p>Full tracking to download</p> <p>Complete optimization for the most efficient Install campaign</p>

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Services We Offer