What is Boom Collective?


Boom. Our name wasn't chosen by accident. Our mobile platform has a reputation for shaking things up in the tech world. Starting out as a YouTube Multi-Channel Network (MCN), we quickly amassed interest and a network of very connected influencers. Now, we're bringing that out in full force to shake things up again. The new Boom is here, and we're all about mobile and marketing technology.

What does that mean for you? We know your content is as unique as you are, and our mobile platform will be 100 percent your own - there is absolutely no Boom branding anywhere. With our customizable app and powerful SDK for established applications, you can build your subscribers and followers around content that appeals directly to them. And with the influence that you amass, you can put advertisers in closer contact to their consumers than ever before. You can then reap the financial benefits with our diverse revenue options and some of the highest CPMs in the world. That's just a fancy way of saying you can make money.

With the average consumer spending more than 90% of their time on mobile devices in apps, it's essential that yours is engaging, frequently updated, and stands out from the pack. The Boom Collective works with content creators on any platform, from YouTube to Instagram, to blogging and whatever the next "big thing" may be. With our service, be the creative genius you are, and let us help you interact with your followers to give them a one-of-a-kind experience that will keep them coming back for more.

Boom Collective is creating a synthesis between all aspects of the mobile app process. The technology that enables the platform is cutting-edge, and as the content creator you are also the publisher/director of your content. Who's the boss? You are. And because you're awesome, and so is your content, users can't get enough. They then become an appealing market for advertisers to reach. The revenue options follow. It's a win-win-win!

Everyone Else is Doing It

Well, not everyone. But more than 1,000 advertisers are taking advantage of the potential customers being served up by Boom Collective and the content being delivered through customized apps. Come on in - the water's fine!

Don't Be Just Like Everyone Else

When it comes to apps, more of the same is boring. Dare to be different and let your customized mobile app work for you - not the other way around.

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