Introducing the Boom Mobile Application Builder

Are you doing enough to reach out to mobile users? Could you boost your profile by building a mobile app?

Mobile apps aren’t just for big name brands. Small businesses, celebrities and social media influencers are all following the mobile trend, building apps to make it easy for their fans and readers to stay in touch. A well-designed mobile app is much easier to use than a mobile website, which is why so many smartphone users prefer to use apps rather than their mobile web browser.

Here are five key benefits of building your own mobile app:

1. Be Constantly Visible to Fans and Readers

The average person spends more than 3 hours a day using a mobile device. Almost 90 percent of this time is spent using apps. Building your own app means that you can reach out to your readers while they are using their smartphones and tablets.

2. Create a Marketing Channel

Mobile apps are extremely useful channels for personalized marketing. Use the data that your app collects about each reader to serve content that matches their individual interests. You can also offer app-only features, such as exclusive discounts or virtual goods. Another way to monetize an app is for the user to pay to access exclusive content via a subscription feature.

3. Share Content Easily

Use push notifications to let app users know when you have new content to offer. These notifications appear prominently on a user’s phone and let them know what’s new in your app, which can help to keep them engaged with your brand. Don't worry; you have total control of these, so you can set the notifications at a level that won't irritate your users.

4. Promote Audience Engagement

Building a relationship with your audience doesn’t just mean offering them interesting content, but also encourages a two-way dialogue. Mobile apps open up the channels of communication, making it easy for your fans to leave comments on your content or reward you with social media likes and shares.

5. Cultivate Loyalty

Fan loyalty is the most important motivator for creating a mobile app. By placing your content within easy reach of your fans at all times, an app allows you to build a deep connection with your audience. Nearly three quarters of smartphone users are so devoted to their devices that they take their smartphones to bed with them. Turn this valuable group of technophile users into loyal fans by building an app that allows them to connect with you via an attractive mobile interface.

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