The Power of Video Advertising

The Power of Video Advertising

Online video is taking over the Internet, with Cisco reporting 64 percent of time on the Internet is allocated to watching videos. TV advertising brought visuals, sound, and emotions to the table, with powerful results. Now it can happen on mobile devices, combined with the targeting power of the web.

eMarketer found that 41 percent of video viewing comes from mobile devices, that many people use online video sites as a search engine and that live streaming generates even more interest in video content. No matter which way you look at it, video advertising offers a powerful opportunity for savvy marketers.

Engaged Audience

It's hard to capture audience attention in a world where the typical person only spends 20 seconds on a Web page and the average display ad clickthrough rate is a dismal 0.06 percent. You don't want to spend your marketing time messaging to an audience that isn't listening. In contrast, many consumers stay engaged throughout most of the videos, leading to more marketing opportunities before, during and after the viewing. You know your advertising messaging is catching viewer attention, because they're fully engaged with the video content.

Complements Other Online Advertising Strategies

Video advertising complements other strategies you have in place, letting you have a positive impact on those efforts. Your search engine marketing strategies work well with video content, as this content frequently makes its way to the top of search engine results. Social media advertising and marketing is also complemented with this strategy, with Youtube ads making first contact with customers 18 percent of the time, according to Social Times.


Videos are effective at reaching your audience, with Single Grain reporting 60 percent of consumers watch a video before reading any of your website text. Out of these video viewers, a full 80 percent watch a one minute or shorter video completely, giving you excellent opportunities for your marketing.

The next time you look at your advertising budget, consider making an investment in your video advertising strategy. It works well with your other efforts, you reach an engaged audience and online video viewership is only going to rise.

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