Introducing the Boom Refer a Friend Initiative


Boom helps bloggers, YouTubers, celebrities and musicians build their own branded mobile applications. We're always keen to spread the amazing benefits of Boom apps to more people, which is why we've launched our Refer a Friend program. This program rewards you when you refer your friends to Boom. That means more people benefiting from our services and more rewards for our loyal customers!

Refer Your Friends

Do you have a friend who would love to have their own app? Perhaps you know an app developer who is on the lookout for a powerful advertising monetisation SDK? If you know someone who could benefit from Boom's services, simply send them a link to sign up via your personal referral form. We'll then work with your friend to make sure they get the app they need to promote their personal brand.

Receive Rewards

We believe in sharing the love with all our Boom Collective members, which is why we think it's only fair to reward you for giving us the opportunity to work with your friends. When one of your friends signs up via your personal referral form and creates their own branded app, we'll pay you 5 percent of their total earnings for the first six months after their app goes live. There is no limit on how many friends or developers you can refer, so you have the potential to earn big money if you refer all your friends. With our help, some of your referred friends could end up creating popular apps that generate significant earnings, so why not get a slice of that pie?

Everybody Wins

The Boom Refer a Friend program benefits everyone. We get the chance to work with new customers to build exciting apps, which is our passion. Your friends get the apps they crave and the chance to promote their personal brands to a wider audience. Finally, you get cash in your pocket to spend on whatever you like. It's a win-win-win situation!

What are you waiting for? Get started now by sending out your personal referral form to friends and developers who could benefit from building their very own Boom app.

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