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Just provide your website and social details and we do all the work building your own app. Already have an App? We can provide our SDK to integrate into your Mobile App

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Promote your app to your fans to download. We can provide some tips on how to increase organic installs. We will also cross-promote across the Boom Network.

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Boom offers video-ad formats, but monetization on our network goes far beyond pre-roll mobile ads. You can charge fees for exclusive content and sell virtual goods through the Boom Network. Your super-fans would love to get their hands on exclusive content. You can offer stickers with your caricature, which your fans can use in messaging.

Products We Provide
  • Boom Application Platform


    Publish your own Mobile Application

    <p>If you think that mobile apps are solely for big name brands and airlines, think again. More brands, influencers and celebrities are following the mobile trend, understanding that staying in touch with their fans and readers involves more than just a mobile-friendly website. In fact, these days you will notice in your everyday life that you use mobile apps regularly to connect, stay in touch and share your experiences.</p>

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  • Ads SDK


    Ads SDK

    <p>Our SDK offers high returns, with mediation that gets the best CPM rates for your impressions. Our MRAID compatible SDK delivers such returns by creating high quality, interactive videos that engage, entertain and delight your users. We're also plugged into the best exchanges servicing the largest advertising spenders, which you can access through our mediation offering.</p> <p>Features:</p> <p>MRAID compatible</p> <p>Rewards component</p> <p>VAST 3.0</p> <p>Video Mediation</p>

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  • App Install

    App Install

    Mobile Marketing

    <p>Brands understand not only the power of mobile but also the power of having a reminder of their brand — in the form of an icon — on a person’s smartphone. At Boom, we routinely promote all our apps and build bigger audiences, quickly. Let us do it for your branded app too.</p> <p>Features:</p> <p>Target the users you want from our 1st party data</p> <p>Use our Similar Apps feature in our apps to drive acquisitions</p> <p>Full tracking to download</p> <p>Complete optimization for the most efficient Install campaign</p>

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